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Instagram Marketing: the best tool for businesses

Most of the businesses attention is focused solely and exclusively on Facebook. A bit out of personal habit (it is always the most used social network in the world), a bit because it has now become a constant presence in everyday life.

This sort of “obsession” with the social media created by Mark Zuckerberg makes all the other social networks little used and incredibly underestimates their potential.

Among these in particular there is Instagram that over time has proved to be a fundamental tool for every business. Just think of the fact that it has 700 million active users.

But why should a business use Instagram?

One of the main reasons is because it is completely mobile and young people love it.

Traffic data on devices such as tablets and smartphones has far surpassed the outdated desktop. Instagram is the only completely mobile social network, the only one built specifically for this type of navigation and focused only on captivating visual content.

But what attracts attention most on Instagram is its simplicity. Anyone can post a photo, no need to have specific skills. A shot, a particular filter and you can publish. At the same time, however, a photograph can turn a post into an authentic masterpiece, just using the right tools.

If you are still not convinced, think of other social networks. Facebook is more text than anything else, Twitter has the character limit while Instagram is photography based.

And everyone knows how powerful an image can be. You can show the products you want to sell. Another possibility is to tell the story of brand life day by day: let people know the work envoirment, insert small videos to understand who is behind a company, make your employees known or advertise events.

Instagram engagement data

The most important brands have an engagement rate per follower of 4.21%. Instagram gives these brands 58 times more engagement per user than Facebook, and 120 times more than Twitter.

Analyzing more than 1400 company profiles belonging to 27 product sectors, incredible results emerge. The best performing sector is the sport that conquers an average of 2.4 million interactions per month.

In second place is fashion with just over 606 thousand average monthly interactions. For all companies Instagram is necessary for the high rates of engagement that it manages to generate compared to other social channels.

The importance of such a channel requires maximum attention. To maximize the chance of success with Instagram you need a precise strategy to evaluate the reference sector, hashtag campaigns, the profile of possible followers, competitors, and so on. Only in this way your company will really be able to enjoy the benefits of such a powerful tool as Instagram.

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